Friday, 15 October 2010

Spinning my web at Ayoka

I have been down at Ayoka Charity Boutique in Bethnal Green doing a Halloween window, inspired by spiders webs, ghosts and scary stories.

I also put together a rail of clothes to inspire your fancy dress/halloween outfits. You can now find anything from Roller girl to Salander to Sailor to Guru.  If dressing up aint your bag you can get in the mood with a scary DVD or book.
While working in the shop i really came to admire all the volunteers who generously give their time. They remained happy, calm and cool headed in the face of a very small handful of customers (the majority are lovely) who can be rude and demanding and, tsk tsk, ask for money off. They deserve a medal, but i guess they can reward themselves with first dibs on the treasures that are donated to the shop. In fact the problem with working there is that you always walk away with a (big) bag of goodies! Check out the perfect condition vintage dress, lovely leather bag and hand painted crockery all coming in just shy of 20 quid.... bloody bargain!


  1. Great work Camilla! The new window is the best yet. So jealous of those tea cups and the bag you got. Must get in that stockroom and have a good old forange soon! xx

  2. Really fab looking!