Friday, 15 October 2010

My Mariah moment

When i was first researching Vietnam, i thought i might look into some bling hotels to stay for a couple of nights as i was celebrating the milestone of 30 while out there. Once I found Six Senses Ninh Van Bay there was no going back, nothing compared, i think i even dreamed about it while i ummed and arred and bored my friends with my procrastination and guilt over the price. I watched like a hawk as the price dropped and finally we booked it and i have never not regretted anything less. It more than lived up to the expectations of years pouring over my Mum's Conde Nast Traveller magazines. It was Perfect.
From the moment we arrived (by boat, fabulous), we were spoilt rotten. We were picked up by our personal butler... yes you read that right a fricking BUTLER... and whisked off for a tour of the resort in golf buggies. Everywhere we where greeted with a smiling "Xin chao" (hello in Vietnamese)
You could snorkel as the beautiful beach came complete with its own coral reef (which was hours of fun), try a Vietnamese fishing boat or borrow a kayak
When all that got too much all the food and drink was amazing and picked from their own veg garden.
He he!
We had our own bikes so took off around the beach to explore and found a lush spa, spied monkeys in the mountains, and had a spot of lunch around the main pool. What was bliss is we hardly bumped into a soul.
All of this would be enough but what really made it extra special was our beautiful hilltop villa. After wheezing ourselves to the top of the hill we were presented with this.....
Words can't explain and even the pictures don't do it justice. I don't think i have ever been in a more perfect place. We had our stunning room that joined onto an equally as massive bathroom with huge tub, walk in shower and outside shower. Also there was the entertaining hut with day bed, fridge etc. Oh yeah and the pool! It was totally private, and the only time we heard a peek from our neighbours is when they had local musicians play for them so we got a free concert!
It really felt like you were surrounded by nature from this little guy to our room Gecko to the thousands of fireflies that hovered over pool to the electrical storms that lit up the bay and crackled on all night. Bliss. Oh yeah and did i mention the pool...!
Being a water baby i loved it but what i loved best was going to sleep with all the curtains open and gradually waking as the sun came up over the bay and that says a lot because i am really not a morning person and there are a lot of people who can vouch for that (through gritted teeth).
I really cant thank my generous boyfriend Andy, my lovely Mum, and all the friends who contributed to helping me celebrate my 30th in such style. It was heaven and i almost wept when i left! Thank you x x x

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