Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Out and about in Bangkok

We thought we should do the tourist thing and so we headed for The Grand Palace and after one scam attempt we made it there in one piece to report it is indeed grand.

 I liked the beautiful tiles and bonkers large bonsai trees. After we dodged the hawkers and jumped on one of the river ferries to get a look at the city from the water.
 Next stop was the famous Thip Samai Noodle Shop, which does some of the best Pad Thai i have ever had. Thanks to Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey for the tip off (and for generally getting us excited about loads of the food on our adventure)

We tried it three different ways, the most impressive was wrapped in egg but the tastiest was the prawn one. It was real fast food and got to our table in a minute... yum

Here are some other photos from out and about....

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