Friday, 30 July 2010

Oh i don't like to be beside the seaside

We thought it would be a good idea to escape to Leigh-on-Sea last Sunday. We thought wrong. After a train trip from hell (think hangover + hunger + large groups of family's ALL eating crisps, playing music on mobile phones and fighting + trying to get 2 bikes out of the way of people getting on and off the train) we FINALLY arrived and it was absolutely rammed with (I'm sorry Essex) some of the ugliest people i have ever seen, all out in force for a fish festival (FYI cockles aren't all that). Surely enough, there was not a spot to sit on the smallest beach we have ever seen! You know what? Sometimes its best just to stay on your sofa and not try and compete with those smug people that do "stuff" with their weekends. I did however get a few ok photos.
 No trip to the seaside is complete without kids fighting

Ok, so Leigh-on-Sea was quite cute and i would kill for a balcony like this to sit on and look down and laugh at those less fortunate than myself but not in Leigh-on-Sea!
We did learn that monochrome ladybirds like monochrome T-shirts.
Phew back in London.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bunting is dead, long live bunting

Today i installed my second set of windows for Ayoka charity shop. I had lots of scraps of Designers Guild fabric which i scored for a song at a remnants sale and a new sewing machine to get to grips with. So i took the easy option and rehashed an idea i (and the rest of the world it seems at the moment) have used... bunting!
FYI Ayoka will be having their official launch party on the 5th August with lots of vintage bits and bobs for sale. If you want more info click HERE for more details.
Also next month i'm away (smug!) so the very talented Emily Pugh will be taking the helm and blowing my windows out of the water. Once again watch this space.....

The last time i used bunting for a window scheme was for Papa Bracewell's shop Bracewell in Sydney. Here are the pic's (and while you are at it check out the gorgeous tiles and windows on the shop front).
Right, now its all out there i would like to take this opportunity to solemnly declare that i will not ever use bunting again (well maybe as a wee decoration for a party!) it has successfully been killed by over use this summer and i am now partly to blame. Sorry.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside...

This weekend i had the pleasure of going to Brighton to visit some old friends, what a joy (if a little messy!)
Love this Hirst esqe spotty building, no idea what goes on here and couldn't get a good snap as walking with a herd of people so it shall remain a mystery... till next time.
Managed to do some shopping and bought a print within about 10 mins of setting foot on new land (a new home buy PB for me). I just couldn't resist the kitsch delights of Weeping Rose by Vladimir Tretchikoff (One of Papa Bracewell's favourite artists)

While on the subject of beaches i thought i would trawl through the archive and put up some of my bestest beach snaps from last years round the world globetrotting adventure.
 Fishing boats at sunset in Goa, India.
Washing day in Gokarna, India (What a lovely social way to do your washing, not sure how clean it would get though but who cares its India, its dirty!)
The beautiful Seraya, Indonesia only reached by pink boat! Beautiful crystal waters but god those sea lice went for me.
 One of my favourite beach buddies, my little brother Julian chilling on one of his home town beaches Tamarama (aka Glamarama because of all the beautiful people) in Sydney. As far as cities goes Sydney has to have some of the best (sorry Blackpool) beaches in the world. Although Rio de Janerio follows swiftly behind (i had broken my camera by that part of my trip so alas, no photos).
Viva la Beach!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A trip through the history of food, yum!

On Friday afternoon we left our comfort zone of East London and journeyed to Belgravia for our favourite jellymongers Bompas and Parr's Complete history of food. We started off by being prescribed a potion by the beautiful doctor to cure our ills before being herded to the basement to walk the plank over the eel infested water to take our medicine inside the bowls of the gloomy ship (my personal poison came in the shape of a pear cocktail with a lemon ice popsicle in it)
An express elevator whisked us up to the rooftop herb garden were the highlight was fizzy grapes submerged in flat champagne. It also inspired me to cram my garden with more herbs next summer, who needs flowers?
 For a bit of fun we traveled in time to the 50's where modern dining presided over tasteful dining and we had the dubious delight of a scratch and sniff dinner.... i think i would have gone on a diet in the 50's!
After a bounce around the inflatable tummy we took a stroll down (my highlight) mushroom alley.
The Main event was the Victorian Banquette inside a giant dinosaur which was eclipsed by the SUBLIME duck. My mouth is literally watering as i think of the flesh that fell away from the bone and the skin.... oh the skin. My description and photo don't do it justice, take my word for it!
Obviously no Bompas and Parr experience would be complete without jelly and what a wantonly wobbly jelly it was, made me giggle every time i wobbled it (a lot). This probably was due to the fact i was now quite sloshed by all the amazingly beautiful cocktails that we had flowed throughout the event, however a bad taste was left in my mouth be the fact EVERYTHING was branded with the drink name (which i am not going to mention here), no class people!
It really was a lot of fun and i would recommend it to anyone if it wasn't over! However keep and eye out for future events by this dynamic duo, I'm sure they wont disappoint.

As if we weren't greedy enough later that evening after a few drinks in Soho we went for some serious comfort eating at very reasonable Bi Bim Bap a Korean restaurant that serves the national rice dish of the same name. I was meant to take a photo before but forgot in my haste to eat this beauty. However i think our empty plates speak for themselves, go try it.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Phew, a break from the heatwave

I LOVE the sun and heat, don't get me wrong but its nice to have a little break from it. Today i found this while sorting through old photos for this blog and thought it was pretty appropriate.
I have no idea who the illustrator is as i found it in a haphazard gallery in Buenos Aires (and never thought i should be collecting info for blog world!) but i love it.

To get some respite from the glorious heat in the previous month we have been hitting the water first on Jess's amazingly cool a canal boat, Uncle Frank (what a great name) on Regents Canal. Check out her view....
Not only does she have one of my favourite east end vistas of the gas works but she gets to watch the baby swans develop into gangly teens and ponder questions such as "how do swans stay so white in the filthy London waterways?"

But my all time favourite excursion had to be punting in the beautiful city of Cambridge
My only complaint is that it went too fast, when can we go back?

While i'm talking about cool stuff, i would like to thank the lovely and more than generous We like this too for their glowing post on my humble blog. Please check them out if you want to know the inside scoop on all things creative in London. The talents behind it have a great eye and it is beautifully written and very considered. If i am at a loss of what to do on an afternoon i would check out their findings before Time Outs! Boglovin right back at ya!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

This weekend's loves

Prosecco in the park makes me smile. Yum.
London Fields was ramadamadingdong this Friday, it had a total festival atmosphere. LOVE this time of day at this time of year. God bless Great Britains' long summer days (however curse its damp dark winter days but enough of that)

Mmmmmmm, vodka and tonics on Sarah's patio! A few drinks turned into a whole evening. The fabulous hostess provided a mouthwatering plate of nectarine, goats cheese, basil and pine nuts on the most beautiful picnic rug.

Finally, i am really loving Naomi's ensemble! Total dress envy and check out the shades.

I am, however, not loving my hangover today.

Friday, 9 July 2010

My how my garden grows


 About 3 years later
In 3 years my garden has gone from a weed riddled mess to this. It has taken lots of help from Mama Bracewell (excellent plant choices), Sam (the handiest man i know) and Geoff (the gentle giant gardener). It has involved painting sheds, fences and garden furniture, hanging bunting and festoon lighting and (urgh!) weeding. Plans for the future include getting an awning up, keeping our fingers crossed that we don't kill the tomatoes and most importantly chilling by the BBQ with large drink in hand.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Some work for Ayoka Charity Shop

The good people at St Margarets House approached me about making a sign for the re launch of Ayoka Charity in Bethnal Green. I also did the windows (which i will change monthly so watch this space) with the use of old props kindly donated by the Selfridges Creative Team. Its well worth a visit down to Old Ford Rd as everything is really well priced and its super easy to shop. All proceeds from the shop go to the African Women's Welfare Association which supports sufferers of sickle cell and thalassaemia. For more infomation about the charity check out here