Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Fabulous Phranakorn Nornlen Hotel, Bangkok

After a long haul flight and fighting through the madness that is Bangkok, it was an absolute pleasure to arrive in the quirky oasis of Phranakorn Nornlen
 A boutique mid range hotel in a quiet local area 20 mins walk north from Khao San Rd its a great spot to rest your bones after a long day on the town, especially in the communal garden area.
 I would show you my room but the moment i check into a hotel i have a habit of thinking I'm a rock star and totally trashing it. This is the only part that came away unscathed!

A highlight is the included veggie breakfast which included a hot drink of your choice (Thai tea quickly became a favourite), fresh juice, fruit, soup and anything from a papaya salad to grilled veg! Not your usual breakfast but delicious never the less.

They even source their ingredients from their rooftop veggie garden which has great views over the neighbourhood to the local Wat with its towering gold Buddha.

It was a motel and you can see the bones of that in place but the new owner have got a real make do and mend approach and everything is slowly being painted over and made pretty with murals, plants interesting furniture and props. I love the colourful wood cladding that runs throughout.
  Even the toilets and laundry are super cute

Its charm (and ethos) come from not being in the thick of it and it means you need to get a taxi to get anywhere in town but that is a small price to pay for a really individual and calm place to live for a few days.


  1. I couldn't have said it better...

  2. WOW!!!!! That looks LOVELY! xx

  3. This place look simple yet nice! It is good to see some Thai food preparations too, so that tourists like us can taste some of them.

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